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Trichem can save you money…

As long as you don’t compare apples with pears!
What do we mean? Look at the examples we have given below.


You could be paying around £32 per 20 litres for your current detergent, and it provides for up to 100 washing cycles, which equates to 1.60p per wash.

You may pay £64 per 20 litres for Trichem detergent but if we can guarantee* that it delivers 250 washing cycles and equates to 1.28p per wash, what product would you buy?

Centrefeed Towels

Another example of cost savings - on one of the biggest sellers in the market place - is Centrefeed Towels.

See how the Trichem Product compares with a competitive product.

Are you getting the best value from your existing products? Probably not.

Trichem may cost slightly more to purchase, but as you can see from the examples provided, our products can save you money.

Find out what you are paying for your current Centrefeed product (you can get the roll length, roll height, and pack size from the labels, and you will know what you are paying for the product). Just fill in the information below to find out how much Trichem can save you.
* Based upon 10kg washing machine, competitive detergent dosing at 20ml/kg, Trichem’s Breakthru dosing at 8ml/kg.
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